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Blackberry Playbook

5. Blackberry Playbook

10 Hot buys: Top 10 must have gadgets for 2012 

5. Blackberry Playbook 
The new Blackberry Playbook With goregous looks and smaller size make it a perfect candidate for gadget of the year 2011. We are confident the Blackberry will still be going strong into 2012 as one of the 'must have' gadgets. 

Apple represents one of the most successful brands of recent years. Responsible for dominating the market for tablet computers, the company took the industry by storm with the launch of the iPad in 2010 – one of the most astonishing technological phenomena of the past decade. Now the company is about to face some stiff competition with the arrival of a brand new product which could serve to threaten Apple’s supremacy. This April 2011 promises to witness the arrival of the Blackberry Playbook – an exciting device which is already stirring up excitement amongst potential buyers.

The imminent Playbook has also generated great optimism amongst gaming enthusiasts who can look forward to enjoying mobile gaming services with increased comfort. Larger than the smart phone but smaller than the iPad, the new tablet offers gamers the chance to access their favourite titles whilst on the move and at their convenience. Unlike the iPhone which does not support Flash software, the Blackberry Playbook will allow users to access no download casinos giving them the chance to enjoy numerous arcade and social games wherever and whenever they choose. Many feel that this increased capability will give the new product the edge over the much loved but limited iPad.

Compact, attractive and easy to transport, it’s no wonder everybody’s counting down the weeks to the arrival of the Blackberry Playbook. Fans of online casinos will certainly be hoping to check out the new device for themselves with less than a month to go before the hotly anticipated launch. Industry members will be looking on with keen interest


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