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How to Hide Mail from the Lock Screen in iOS 5?

With the release of the new iPhone OS version – iOS 5 – it is quite interesting to note iOS 5 tips and how much customizable and controllable the notification settings are. Here’s how to hide mail from the lock screen in iOS 5, in case you haven’t figured it out already.
It’s really interesting to know some iOS 5 tips. If you are someone who receives a lot emails that are very personal at times, you might not want them showing up on the lock screen of your iPhone 4S. Have you been trying to figure out how to hide mail from the lock screen in iOS 5? Here’s the simplest way you can do it, have a look at some iOS 5 tips:
  1. Go to the settings tab on your iPhone 4/4S.
  2. Tap on “Notifications” to open the notification settings
  3. You’ll have a list of apps on the screen. Tap on “Mail”
  4. There’d be a “View in Lock Screen” option. Set it to OFF.
  5. That’s it.
Sometimes, the mail notifications popping up on the Lock Screen might be quite a disturbance. Even more, if the emails are quite sensitive and very personal, there’s every chance that you’d be very uncomfortable with the setting. You can now change it easily and make sure you only get to see the Mail notifications as a badge from the good old days of iPhone 3G. There could be one of the finest iOS 5 tips.
The iOS 5 sports quite a lot of changes – including those of notification control. For the first time, iPhone lets you customize the notifications and the way the alerts appear. Before this, if someone replied to one of your tweets, or a mail or a message came, you would be pinged with a notification right in the center of the display. This was very intrusive – it prevented you from carrying on with your work on the iPhone unless you either canceled the dialog or viewed the tweet or the message.
With iOS 5, this problem has been completely resolved knowing some iOS 5 tips. Although late, this is a very welcome relief to all the iPhone users. These changes let you control which apps can notify and the way they notify. There are settings through which you can get banner type notifications which are very unobtrusive and let you keep working without being disturbed by the notification. You can choose to hide notifications for particular apps – or remove them totally from the notification zone.


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