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iPhone 4S not Perfect

iPhone 4S not Perfect

Claiming Apple, iPhone 4S not Perfect, There 'Bugs' in iOS5

CALIFORNIA - The launch of the iPhone last two series always invite trouble.iPhone 4, for example, trouble with the antennae, which makes Apple should add an antenna casing on each consumer.

Now, the latest iPhone 4S series were affected. Many iPhone owners are complaining about the series battery resistance. They said the iPhone 4S batteries run out very quickly, even in a state not in use.

What happened?

According to Apple, this is because the problem of 'bugs' in their latest operating system iOS5. However, Apple only consider consumers who complain about this battery problem are few in number.

"There are some consumers who reported that Apple's iPhone 4S batteries do not like what they expect when using iOS5," Apple said in its official commentary on the All ThingsD.

"We found there were some 'bugs' (imperfections of the system) that affect the durability of the batteries. We immediately released the latest software update to address this problem." Apple says.

Update iOS5 is expected to release a few weeks away. Apple refused to elaborate further a statement.

4S iPhone was released shortly before the death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Physically, this smart phone is no different with the iPhone mobile phone series 4. What is different is the software that Apple added digital assistants iOS5and Siri.

iPhone 4S exploded in the market. Day sales record previously held the iPhone 4S. Approximately one million units sold the iPhone 4S on the first day of sale.


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