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iPod Replacement – Apple Replaces Your iPod Nano 1st Gen For Free

The iPod Replacement announcement by Apple says you can replace your iPod Nano 1st Gen for free if it has got battery issues.
The official reelase from Apple says that battery issues have been confirmed in the batteries that came from one specific manufacturer. That defect caused overheating in the iPod Nano 1st Gen.The iPods, Apple says, were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. Now come to think of it, that’s a long long time in the past but the iPods were the devices that made Apple bounce back from its financial slumber. Only a specific batch of the iPod Nano 1st Gen are to be replaced as they are the ones with the risk of overheating. If you have an iPod Nano 1st Gen, you’ll need to head to the replacement order page located here.iPod Nano ReplacementThe battery issue does not affect any other iPod according to Apple, so even if you have some other iPod with battery problems, you can’t avail this. And Apple has specifically asked its users to stop using the iPod Nano 1stGen with the battery issue.
Things You Should Do:
1. First off take a complete backup of your data from iPod Nano 1st Gen to your system via iTunes.
This is because you will be getting a new replacement – which means your data will be gone.
2. Note down the serial code on the back of your iPod Nano 1st Gen. That will be asked by Apple on the iPod Buy Back page.
In order for the old iPod replacement, you’ll need to enter the serial code so Apple can confirm if your iPod Nano fits for the replacement.
3. Under this iPod replacement, your new iPod might arrive after about 6 weeks. Yes, that’s a long time, but it takes all that long for the process to be over


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