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Must Have Gadget 2012 Samsung Galaxy Tab

Must Have Gadget 2012 – Be prepared to upgrade your gadgets in 2012, since the latest series of Samsung Galaxy Tab has come aound us!
Whether you’re quite satisfied with the performance of tablets that you have today? Not yet, because Samsung will soon introduce a new tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. These tablets differ from those in the market today.
With a weight of 345 grams and the thinness of 9.96 millimeters, Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 can be carried in your pants pocket comfortably. Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 also brings Honeycomb Android operation system with 1.2 GHz dual core processor is super fast. Integrated with WiFi channel bonding 40 MHz speed and Adobe Flash, provide a fun surfing experience. With all those specs we might say that Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus! is Must Have Gadget 2012
Do not worry about the ability to provide entertainment for you, because the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus features the incredible Rich Multimedia. With Full HD playback, watching HD video on the tablet instead of no longer possible. When there are special moments, capture with a camera 3megapixel located on the back of the tablet and 2megapixel in front of the tablet.
You can also continue to explore the various social networking media available on the Samsung Hubs. While playing, you are still reminded of the variety of your busy life because Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus lets your favorite features a pop-up reminder schedule in full screen applications.


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