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Nokia X2-O2 Dual SIM Phone

While smartphones today are getting ahead in the popularity contest when it comes to mobile phones, there is still a big market available for the basic phone with an affordable price to match. Among the current leaders in the smartphone market trying to compete making the most advanced and also the slimmest device out there, it seems that only Nokia has been looking into continuing with the manufacture those basic phones designed for developing and third world markets. Just recently they have introduced a new one in the Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Phone.
The Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Phone is designed for those who wish to have a basic phone with the most basic features available. This unit comes with a Dual SIM slot for those who find it troublesome always bringing along two different mobile phones. It has a 2.2 inch display and a 2MP camera.
The Nokia X2-02 Phone also comes with an internal FM antenna, a built in MP3 player and loudspeaker. It also comes with 32GB worth of storage. It also allows users to connect to the Internet with dedicated Facebook and Twitter clients. The Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Phone is expected to be made available in the European market and globally any time soon.


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