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Apple Gears Up iPad 2 Production, No Early iPad 3?

Recently DigiTimes reported that Apple is wants to gear up iPad 2 production for the third quarter of this year. They are attempting to move 12-14 million units this quarter which is up from the 7-9 million units shipped during the last quarter.
“In order to significantly increase its shipments in the third quarter, Apple has been piling up its inventory of iPad 2 components such as panels in the second quarter to minimize the risk of facing component shortages.”
Apple may want significant increase in iPad 2 shipments to approach back to school season. Additionally, iOS 5 is expected to be released in September, which may also boost sales in the upcoming top-selling holiday seasons.
Does increase in iPad 2 shipment for the third quarter squash all the rumors about early release of iPad 3? It seems we are not going to see iPad 3 too early. If you were holding for an iPad 3, it might be a time to get an iPad 2.


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