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iPad 3 Release Date – Update

Now that the iPhone 4S has been released, people await the iPad 3 release, the next upcoming Apple product.  We can assume it’s launching in spring 2012, just like its predecessors did. A reliable source has reported that Apple has planned the iPad 3 release date in March 2012 at the earliest.iPad 3 Release Date & FeaturesIt isn’t sooner because of the production capabilities in China. The Chinese New Year is scheduled for January 23, with national holidays taking place between January 22 and 28. And according to the “reliable Asian source,” Chinese factories will begin the manufacture of iPad 3 in late January, so Apple may want to delay the launch.
 According to the norm, the brands launch new products at a time they have to face minimum competition. However, Apple is planning on delaying iPad 3 launch date due to lack of competitors in the market. The truth is that none of the other tablets are found to be a challenge for iPad 2 at present. iPad 2 is enough to beat its contenders at present. It is said that even a few months from now, none of the tablets would stand anywhere near it. But, for the last four months of this year, Apple has dropped down production orders of iPad 2 by 25%. It proves that Apple is trying to make space for iPad 3. Soon enough, we shall see full fledged production of iPad 3 units.
 Samsung is in charge of the production of chips for iPad 3. However, according to latest rumors, Apple will soon be switching to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company for the production of processor chips. And because of this, the iPad 3 release date may shift to second quarter’s end (June). It was also being reported that Samsung and LG, the display manufacturers, are facing a shortage of retina displays.
 The quad-core processor (A5) to be used as a base for iPad 3 will not be coming to Apple before June of next year. This processor will be using a “28 nanometer next generation technology” along with 3D technology which will obviously take a lot of time.


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