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iPad 3 to Feature New Retina Display with 2048×1536 Resolution?

And once again we’re guided by the rumor mills. iPad 3 features are being discussed globally. A new display, a faster A6 processor, a powerful battery – you name it. From what’s being said all across the web, Apple iPad 3 is clearly a mark of the commitment Apple has towards making its tablet the most advanced in the market.iPad 3 Release Date & FeaturesThat seems quite usual because the tablet market is right now very saturated with HP, Samsung, Motorola and more companies joining the race.
The iPad 3 Features Dual LED Retina Display?
So what does that actually mean?
It’s Sharpness, clarity and a display that would probably be very crisp. iPad 3 display being retina display – and coming with dual-LED design (according to reports pouring in) – is also supposed to have a boosted resolution of 2048x1536px. The iPad 2 had a resolution of 1024x768px. The most surprising thing about the iPad 3 retina display is that it beats all the previous designs and could signify a thinner iPad. If that be the case, it would obviously weigh even lighter.
Wall Street Journal also reported that suppliers revealed that Apple has placed orders for components for over a million iPad 3s.
Other iPad 3 Features In the Rumor Mills
In other reports, the iPad 3 has come out with some awesome features.
To begin with, we might get the lightest, thinnest and most powerful iPad yet with the Apple iPad 3. The company seems to be focused on a design that uses dual LED chips to provide a very sharp and crystal clear display – with higher resolution. But above this, the iPad 3 features a powerful processor – the A6.
With the recent battery problems in iPhone 4S being rectified by Apple, the company might be focusing on the battery of the iPad 3 too – which is good because we’ll get to have a powerful and longer battery-life on the iPad 3, rumored to be launched by next year according to iPad 3 news.
 iPad 3 Release Date
As with all other rumors, we have no clear idea of the iPad 3 release date. But going by the report again, the iPad 3 should be out by the third quarter of 2012.
With the existing information, we do not think it can get out earlier – but with Apple, there’s no saying. We were talking about iPhone 5 when nothing of the sort seems to be on the cards yet. But with iPad 3, it’s a bit different. It’s confirmed (almost) that Apple is going to release it soon – when, is the question


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