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iPhone 5 Design Could be Thinner Than Thin!!

The micro-SIM got you a thin iPhone 4 – and now the nano-SIM could get you a thinner iPhone 5.
From what we heard recently, Apple might in all probability release the next version of the iPhone 5 as a thinner model than all the predecessors. Of course, this does mean a great leap for smartphone technology. But how come do these smartphones come so thin?
G&D – the first company to manufacture the SIM-card – has come out with nan-SIM cards which can also be used with normal mobile phones using adapters. This could very well impact the way Apple bases its iPhone 5 design.Thin iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 Design Could be Thinner Than ThinThere are rumors spreading already about Apple actually having produced an iPhone 5 with a larger screen and then scrapping it months before the release of iPhone 4S this October. We are not sure about all this yet, but the basic idea seems to be simple – if iPhones are going to go for the nano-SIM, the iPhone could get really thinner.
A thin smartphone definitely is a great advantage. Smartphones these days are large – and they are not that great in pockets. A thinner smartphone would definitely be a great handy solution. The thin iPhone 5 would probably have a more powerful processor (hinting at A6) and a very powerful battery too – despite being thin.

source:  http://www.iphonestuffs4u.com


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