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iPhone 5 Was Scrapped To Make Way For iPhone 4S?

Business Insider and Cult of Mac have reported something that seems to have made some iPhone 5-theorists go happy this time.
So we hear that the iPhone 5 was actually a design in prototype – a few of them being used and tested deep behind Apple walls. And then one fine day, they scrap it up and out comes the iPhone 4S.iPhone 5 PrototypeNew design, bigger screen, awesome display and many more promises went out the window when Apple, instead of releasing the rumored iPhone 5, released the iPhone 4S.
Sources however have confirmed through component makers that components for iPhone 5 were shipped and could actually have been assembled thoroughly to create – well – the iPhone 5. But later, we don’t exactly know why, iPhone 5 was completely scrapped and the iPhone 4S was released in October this year.
Cult of Mac says it was because Jobs was unhappy with the 4-inch screen size – which made iPhone look more like an Android smarty!
Of course, these are all rumors as of now. No confirmation, no confirmed sources either. But Business Insider’s source has spent two weeks with one prototype version of this iPhone.


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